Should You Match Your Wedding’s Bridesmaids and Ushers According to Their Height?

One bride takes the “perfect wedding” thing too far when it comes to choosing her attendants

One of the most common stressors when planning a wedding is overanalyization. When a bride chooses her attendants, for example, she should do so because those people are special to her and she wants them to participate in her big day — she shouldn’t think too much into it beyond that. If she chooses attendants using any other criteria — like, say, because they’re the “perfect” height for each other — she misses the point completely!

A Hudson Valley bride asks: “I want my wedding to be perfect. When I asked my mother what she thought about my question for you, she laughed at me and said, ‘That should be your biggest problem.’ So I’m turning to you: Does the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen need to be the same? Should they be ‘matched’ in height?”

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The Wedding Guru answers: Regarding the number of attendants, the short answer is “no” — inviting someone to be an attendant simply to balance the number in your wedding party is foolish! If you’re concerned about having an even number in your processional (so no one walks alone), you can have two bridesmaids (or two ushers) walk down the aisle together. If the aisle is wide enough, you can even have three — it’s not uncommon for one groomsmen to usher two bridesmaids.

As far as height requirements, just ignore it. What’s important is having attendants you truly want to honor (hence the phrase “honor attendants”). For more reading on choosing your attendants, check out my articles “Choosing Your Honor Attendants” and “The Responsibilities of Honor Attendants” at

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