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What Jewelry to Wear to Your Wedding If You’re Allergic

The bride wears white — not silver tarnish — to her wedding. Here’s how to prevent your jewelry from giving you a bad reaction

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The Wedding Guru says: Some people are allergic to gold, some to silver — and some to both. If this is the case with you, then regardless of what metals you wear, you’ll have a reaction. Keep in mind that on some days, if you sweat more than usual or have eaten something particularly acidic, the results can worsen. Try wearing each ring over several days and make a note of any reactions. Platinum and titanium are more expensive options, but they do have non-staining qualities that are perfect for people with metal allergies.

It’s not always an allergic reaction, however; copper, for instance, turns skin green when it oxidizes and releases natural acids. The chemicals in skincare products can often react to the metal when you perspire. Your best bet is to wear it for a short period of time. You can also try painting the side of the jewelry that touches your skin with clear nail polish to help create a barrier between your skin and the metal.

Sterling silver contains 7.5% copper. When silver begins to tarnish, it usually produces a black stain. You can avoid this by cleaning your jewelry often, or even ask your jeweler to coat the metal with a tarnish preventative shield.

Gold should never stain your skin. It does only when mixed with other metal such as copper, nickel, and silver — these act as a base to make the gold stronger and more affordable. The lower the karat weight of gold, the less pure it is because more metals have been added. Buying 18K is an easy (but expensive) way to ensure your skin doesn’t react with the jewelry.

Lastly, try to keep your skin dry, clean, and free from tarnish. That should help mitigate some of the problem. Absolutely do a test run with any jewelry that you want to wear on your wedding day; your jewelry should be a pleasure to wear, not a source of worry!

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