Bridal Registry: What to Buy for the Couple Who Has Everything

Some bridal registry suggestions for the couple who has everything

Today’s question deals with wedding registries and gifts for couples who have been living together before their wedding. First, I thought I’d share some interesting facts for you to ponder:

In 2010, 1.5 million engaged couples (or 88% of all couples with pending nuptials) set up a registry, according to The Knot Market Intelligence annual wedding registry survey. According to research by the University of Denver, more than 70% of couples getting married live together before the wedding. And according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median marriage age in 2010 was 28.2 for men and 26.1 for women. In the 1960s, it was 22.8 for men and 20.3 for women. Compared to their parents’ generation, of the 30% of currently engaged couples who are not living together, each has at least six years to accumulate pretty much everything they need. Phew!

Dear Wedding Guru: “My boyfriend and I will have all the everyday items we need before we get married. We certainly don’t need another spatula or toaster! So... what should I include on my bridal registry?”

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The Wedding Guru says: I suggest that you register for items that you wouldn’t buy for yourself. These can be (and usually are) expensive, so guests can even pool their resources and buy a group gift if they need to. Another option is to set up a honeymoon registry, a concept that has become very popular in recent years. Guests simply go to the registry and contribute whatever amounts works for them. The biggest advantage to the gift-giver is the assurance that their contribution goes toward something the couple will enjoy. If you prefer guests not buy gifts at all, you could even suggest that they donate to charities of your choice (or theirs).

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