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Who Chooses the Wedding Music: You or Your Guests?

When it comes to your wedding music, should Mr. Deejay keep playing your song — or the songs your guests prefer?

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The Wedding Guru answers: Yes, it’s your wedding. Yes, as much as possible you should be in charge. Yes, your likes and dislikes should be reflected in the details of the wedding. With all that being said, think about your objective for having a wedding reception. It is, after all, an opportunity for you to celebrate your marriage with the people you love and like. If you agree with that goal, then you may want, at least, to alter your plans somewhat. If the type of music that you choose excludes a majority of guests and keeps them from the dance floor, then consider integrating other types of music that will better suit your crowd.

A wedding reception is much like inviting people to your home. You want your guests to feel comfortable. You want them to know that you have taken their likes and dislikes into consideration. Would you serve your vegan guests a steak dinner? Would you play heavy metal as background music if you invited your grandparents to dinner?

The bottom line is that the party really isn’t all about you. It’s about you and the guests whom you chose to invite. You can select the music based exclusively on your taste, or you can mix it up, so that your guests will remember having a good time at your party. On this one, I think that your future mother-in-law is correct. I suggest you think carefully and that you opt for a compromise.

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