Wedding Attendants: Groom Wants Bride to Include His Sisters as Bridesmaids

A groom-to-be insists his bride include his three sisters as bridesmaids — even though it’ll cost her family extra (and she doesn’t know them). What should she do?

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The Wedding Guru says: Etiquette offers a guide to good behavior, but it is by no means a law or written in stone. What should be a “law” is how you and your daughter behave toward her future husband’s family! Your wedding is a wonderful place for you to show that, when you marry, there’s no such thing as “his family” and “your family.”

That being said, I truly believe that your daughter should include her future sisters-in-law. Yes, that will add to the budget — the bride and bride’s family are responsible for bridesmaids’ flowers and local accommodations. However, undoubtedly this is an expense that would be very well worth it!

What do you think? Share your comments below.

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