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A Not-So-White Wedding (Part Two)

The Wedding Guru Judy Lewis fields this week’s wedding questions. Today: A Not-So-White Wedding (Part Two)

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Rhonda asks: “Does a wedding gown have to be white?”

Dear Rhonda: The white wedding gown has traditionally been a symbol of purity and it remains the preference of most brides. The concept of a white wedding gown dates back to Queen Victoria: Marriage was considered a union between two families and it was essential that the bride be an honor to both. Purity was valued above all else, and so great care was taken to ensure that the bride be presented as an unspoiled, protected, and valuable treasure. So, the white dress became the symbol of all these things, and a symbol of the bride-to-be’s innocence. The elaborate styling of modern wedding gowns can be attributed to Empress Eugenie, the bride of Napoleon III. She was quite the fashion plate of her generation and wore what was to become worldwide style, replacing the customary wedding finery of the day.

There is, however, no “wedding police” to dictate adherence to that tradition! Depending on the particular year in fashion, brides may choose off-white and colored wedding dresses in blush pink, champagne, blue, peach, silver, gold, soft green, and soft yellow.

Where once only the “second time” bride and the widow wore a pastel or off-white, today, color is permissible, both for bridal and attendants’ gowns; everything from simple off-white right through the color spectrum — even including black.

Be sure to check out’s article “Enduring Wedding Traditions... Customs and Their Origins” to learn the backstory when it comes to tying the knot.

For more dress-color queries, read “A Not-So-White Wedding.”

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