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Pop Culture in Hudson Valley

The World Cup: Por los Números

Spain may have beaten the Netherlands in this weekend’s World Cup, but were its ratings #1?


Is 3D Unavoidable?

It seems you can’t swing an Oscar statuette without hitting a 3D movie anymore...


Surfin' Summer TV

Marisa’s must-see TV to watch this summer: Mad Manhattanites, an otherworldly revival, and a party of five (wannabes)


Waka What?

If, somehow, you’ve not yet been exposed to its world-poppy-infectiousness, here’s the official World Cup Soccer 2010 music video by Shakira, “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)”


The ’80s Movies they SHOULD be Making

The A-Team. The Karate Kid. Smurfs. If movie adaptations based on the ’80s have to happen, they might as well remake the ones I liked, right?


YA Books (You’ll Want to Steal)

Leave one of these books on your kids’ desks when they come home for summer vacation. And, when you’re bored, you can try flipping through them, too


Looking for Louise Bourgeois

To honor her passing, Poptional Reading lists its top picks for Louise Bourgeois installations in the Valley


Get Lost

Marisa talks Lost; plus, the top five videos dedicated to the story of Oceanic Flight 815


American Idiot and Jukebox Musicals

Marisa chimes in on the Broadway adaptation of Green Day’s American Idiot: Is it successful, or just... idiotic?


Sugar: A Not-So-Sweet Adaptation?

Last week, I had the opportunity to take in Sugar at the Westchester Broadway Theater. The musical is based on Some Like It Hot — while it’s easy to watch, will it strike the same chords with fans of the movie?


So This Is What the Volume Knob’s For

Poptional Reading chats with one of the masterminds (and a Valley resident) behind the popular music blog, Volume-Knob


Mysteries Abound

There’s no question that our area is the perfect setting for the Great American Mystery. Poptional Reading investigates


Onward, to Tribeca!

Marisa LaScala takes you behind the scenes of the Tribeca Film Fest, featuring two local directors


Tina Fey and the ’Burbs

After being the head writer for the city-centric Saturday Night Live and creative force behind the equally Manhattan-focused 30 Rock, Tina Fey is an unlikely mascot for the ’burbs. But, after this weekend, she just might be.


Ardsley Holds Steady

The Hold Steady takes over Ardsley. Watch the video, read the reviews — and tell us what you think


Is 3D Worth It?

3D movies come with a price — roughly five bucks more than your average ticket, to be exact. But are they really worth it?


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Pop Culture in Hudson Valley

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