I’m Zack! Westchester’s Zachary Freiman Bar Mitzvah Video a YouTube Viral Sensation

Irvington is très chic! Star of the “I’m Zack!” YouTube video, Zachary Freiman, took a lot of flack when it came to putting himself online. Was it worth it?

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Looking back on my formative years, I thank my luckiest stars that there was no YouTube. I just see so much potential for embarrassment.

For example, when I was in middle school, a friend of mine wrote a “screenplay,” mostly involving inside jokes about our classmates. She composed short skits, and even rewrote the lyrics of then-popular songs to honor (or ridicule) our teachers. Then she decided to film it — and surprisingly, convinced most people to play themselves. Including me.

So there I am, in the center of the frame. It was the era of grunge, so I’m wearing what would only pass for pajamas these days. My hair sports the kind of brassy streak that Sun-In/Manic Panic junkies had. And I’m saying things that seemed all in good fun at the time, but, looking back, were probably pretty mean.

But I’m safe in the knowledge that no one will see this video. Even at the time, if we wanted to watch it, we had to track down the clunky videocassette, find a mutually agreeable time to gather ’round the television, stick it in the VCR, and watch it. With VCRs becoming relics, I’m pretty sure this video will never surface anywhere (fingers crossed).

The same can’t be said for kids today. When they film something stupid, it goes up on YouTube, where it pretty much lives forever.

Take Zack Freiman’s film debut, for instance. Zack made a music video for his upcoming bar mitzvah. He’s local, too — he lives in Irvington. If you buy his song on iTunes, the proceeds go to Temple Beth Abraham in Tarrytown. Here’s his video: 

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