The 10 Biggest References to the Hudson Valley, NY, in Pop Culture, Music, and Movies in 2011

Poptional Reading delivers the biggest references to our region in 2011

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5. Conan O’Brien’s Character Reformation

If you’re a fan of Team Coco, you’ve undoubtedly kept tabs on one of his most beloved recurring characters: The Masturbating Bear. (Hey, I don’t come up with these things, I just report them!) Unfortunately, a desire to break new ground for his show (and possibly legal issues with NBC) has kept O’Brien from employing many of his usual characters on his new show. But when he did a one-week stint at the Beacon Theatre in New York City, he took the time to catch up with some of his old characters. And the Bear? According to O’Brien, he’s been living a quiet life in Westchester County, making a living as an insurance adjuster, and commuting to work from the Philipse Manor Metro-North station. Take a look.

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