The 10 Biggest References to the Hudson Valley, NY, in Pop Culture, Music, and Movies in 2011

Poptional Reading delivers the biggest references to our region in 2011

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8. How I Met Your Mother’s Hurricane Hangout

I know I've written about How I Met Your Mother in this space before, but I really appreciate how the show takes the time to get its geographical details right. In an episode about Hurricane Irene, the main characters, who live in New York City, can’t decide if they want to stay and hunker down in their apartments or flee to a weekend house in Westchester. Their dithering about it delayed them so long that the mayor closed the bridges and they couldn’t leave, but it turned out okay — they were fine... though the house in Westchester was hit by a tree. That seems to be pretty close to the way the hurricane experience actually played out around my area. We spent so much time worrying about our city friends and their evacuation zones, but they never lost power and we were stuck without electricity and a lot of heavy clean-up.

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