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the adventures of tintin movie

The Adventures of Tintin photograph © 2011 Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved

Your Younger Kids or Any Fan of Steven Spielberg: The Adventures of Tintin or War Horse
Nostalgia is running high, and people have a hankering for the type of blockbuster-with-heart movies Steven Spielberg makes (remember this summer’s Super 8?), and he’s heeded the call with not one, but two big holiday spectacles. The Adventures of Tintin brings the Hergé comic book series to the big screen through the power of motion-capture animation (and a little help from friend Peter Jackson). The movie, based on Tintin comic The Secret of the Unicorn (among others), is a big adventure with thrilling action sequences around every turn.

war horse movie

War Horse photograph by Andrew Cooper, SMPSP © DreamWorks II Distribution Co., LLC. All rights reserved

War Horse is also an adaptation — it was first a young-adult novel, then a Broadway play — but this one stars flesh-and-blood actors (on two legs and four). The story follows parallel stories in World War I, as a boy and his horse are both separated and go off to battle. Expect Spielberg’s trademark cinematography, which is bafflingly gorgeous, along with demonstrations of his ability to tug at the heartstrings.

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