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Move over, I Love NY T-shirts! Here are a handful of one-of-a-kind, Valley-inspired tokens

It’s no secret that our area is an inspiration to artists — the Hudson River School, anyone? — and we’ve still got it when it comes to the inspiration department. But while Thomas Cole and friends saw the area as a romantic, serene place, how does our neighborhood look to the artisans of today? What kinds of products, crafts, and gifts come out of our sterling reputation? Here are a few examples of what I was able to dig up:

Storm King screen-printed organic T-shirt
When I say Storm King, you say Art Center. This artist, obviously, had something else in mind, and it’s pretty adorable for a kids’ T-shirt.

sleepy hollow locket

Sleepy Hollow locket
Lots and lots and crafts — including cool vintage tavern signs — pay homage to Sleepy Hollow and its famous headless resident. Even the ones that don’t show the Horseman in the flesh (like this locket) are still influenced by the gothic nature of the famous tale.

yonkers map button

Vintage Yonkers map button
I’ve always envied the New Yorkers who can get their city and subway maps on everything from hoodies to socks to shower curtains. This is a cute way to pay homage to us lower-Valleyites’ daily commute — the Saw Mill Parkway is front and center.

westchester ceremony programs

Westchester ceremony programs
This designer was able to create a suite of paper products — a ceremony program, a program cover, a decorative program liner, and a burlap drawstring bag to hold it all — and, because it’s got the name Westchester, it’s intended for an “elegant” and “upscale affair.”

hudson valley sunset necklace

Hudson Valley sunset necklace with rainbow moonstone
In the end, it’s still the River that inspires the most, as seen in this necklace, which was “inspired by the sun setting behind the Catskill Mountains along the Hudson River.”

Valleyites, do you own any crafty keepsakes inspired by our region? Share your comments in the box below!

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