Henry’s Crime Film Review: Sad Keanu No More?

Keanu Reeves’ new flick, Henry’s Crime, was shot locally in Tarrytown, NY. See what Poptional Reading thought of it

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Henry’s Crime finally got its theatrical release! I’ve been looking forward to it — not for Keanu Reeves or Vera Farmiga, but to see the scenes that were shot in and around Tarrytown, including the Tarrytown Music Hall. (If you didn’t catch my previous post about the film, here’s a quick premise: A man, played by Keanu Reeves, is wrongfully imprisoned for a bank robbery, and, upon his release, decides to actually rob the bank he was imprisoned for robbing. Got it?)

Fans of spotting local sites will not be disappointed. There are lots of shots of the Music Hall — inside and out — as well as the street in front of it and a café across the street. (Is that Chiboust?) Sure, it’s supposed to be a stand-in for Buffalo, and I think the movie does Buffalo a great favor by shooting Tarrytown instead.

It’s odd, really, because some scenes were shot in Buffalo. The bank, for instance, was definitely Buffalonian. It’s supposed to be right next door to the theater, which interests Henry because there’s an old bootlegging tunnel between the bank vault and the theater dressing rooms. But the buildings are never pictured side-by-side, because there’s a whole state in between them. Picking out little tidbits like that is fun if you know the area.

Unfortunately, if you’re just a fan of cinema and don’t care about seeing local landmarks on screen, you might not enjoy the film as much. Personally, I thought Farmiga and James Caan put in some good performances, and they did an interesting job in threading The Cherry Orchard — the play that Henry gets a part in to access the dressing-room tunnel — into the rest of the story in unexpected ways. (It’s also funny to see Keanu Reeves pretend to be an amateur actor and listen to the other characters give him acting advice.)

Other than that, Henry is so mellow it’s hard to tell if he’s a secret bank-robbing mastermind or someone who’s just going along for the ride once he planted the idea of bank-robbing into his accomplice’s heads. (Ditto for the acting side of the plot — what does he think of having to act in The Cherry Orchard as a subterfuge?) That makes the whole movie harder to read.

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