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Book It! Thrilling Local Novels

It’s the time of year that makes me want to hole up with a good book. Lucky for you, your neighbors have been hard at work writing some of the quick, entertaining reads for you.


No Reservations About Living in the Hudson Valley

Anthony Bourdain visits the Valley for some crab fishin’ and dishin’ with Bill Murray — see the video here!


Dear Westchester Filmmakers: Life’s Good

It’s no Super Bowl, but Westchester filmmakers had their own reasons — in the form of Dear John and Temple Grandin — to celebrate this weekend


It’s Bravo for One Scarsdale Native

Marisa LaScala chats with one of the stars of Bravo’s new fashion-minded TV series, Kell on Earth


The View from Sundance

It’s Sundance time again, and the Valley’s got some promising flicks in the race.


Our Local Awards Winner

Big awards news this week. I don’t mean the Golden Globes — I’m talking about the American Library Association Youth Media Awards, in which one of the Valley’s own authors came out a winner!


Late Night Fight

You’re either a Jay Leno person or a Conan O’Brien person. Sure, there are Letterman people out there, but the question remains: Jay or Conan?

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It’s the Most Wonderful Songs of the Year

While there’s a lot of bad holiday music floating around out there, there are also a lot of great songs... you just need someone to weed through it all for you.


Holiday Movie Preview

Going to the movies on Christmas is a tradition that’s almost as time-honored as kissing under the mistletoe. So pucker up — here comes our handy guide to what’s in theaters over the holiday vacation.


Pointing and Laughing

Tons of blogs are popping up dedicated to mocking others. They reinforce our current troll-like culture, where anonymous nastiness is becoming the norm. On the other hand, sometimes people deserve it... and it can be hilarious.


Phew! It's Free Arts Day!

There’s all this talk around of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but where’s Let’s Just Sit And Relax Wednesday? Or Man, My Wallet Is Empty Thursday?


On the Hunt for Lady Gaga

This weekend was a good one for the ladies. Ladies dominated the box office (the top two movies were the female-led New Moon and The Blind Side). And, now that the weekend is over, a new lady is taking the spotlight: Lady Gaga.

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What to Watch on Your Turkey Day Weekend

No plans after your Thanksgiving feast? Hit the theater and fill up on these upcoming flicks


Precious is Just That

The No. 1 movie at the box office last weekend was the new, animated A Christmas Carol, but the number-one story last weekend was how well Precious connected with audiences


Best Books of 2009

My favorite part about this time of year is the release of the year-end Best Of lists. Let’s take a look at 2009’s Best [Valley] Books


Theater Review: 42nd Street

Poptional Reading reviews 42nd Street, now playing at Westchester Broadway Theatre


Pop Culture in Hudson Valley

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