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One mom's plan to raise a kid — without raising greenhouse gases

You Decide: Giving Kids a Choice When Making Decisions With Positive Discipline

If you offer kids two choices and ask them to decide (à la Positive Discipline), they get structure and power while you control the outcome — and avert a stand-off


Cultivating Gratitude During the Holidays: How to Teach Your Kids to Be Gracious and Give Thanks This Christmas

Despite its good intentions, Christmas becomes a buy-fest, pushing otherwise fiscally responsible parents into crazed over-spenders and turning sweet, polite children into green-eyed gimme monsters


I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty: Why Constantly Telling Your Little Girl She’s Beautiful Does More Harm Than Good

It’s been said that women who were constantly told they were beautiful as young girls have poorer self esteem than those who were praised for other attributes (or not praised at all). What do you think?


Longtime Friends and New Moms Bond Over Parenthood (and the Occasional Dance Party)

I’m grateful for the friendships that have not only survived motherhood, but deepened because of it


Is Eating Local More Important than Buying Organic?

Inspired by a book on ethical farming, Mama Greenest wonders which is better: Eating local food, or buying organic (if you can’t do both)?


Toddler Rules Every Mom and Dad Should Know

Toddlers got you stressed? Sit down and share a laugh with Mama Greenest’s favorite “facts” of parenting


Parenting Challenges: Wrangling a Two-Year-Old is Tough

Mama Greenest has tackled the challenges presented by special-needs kids with ease, but her own toddler has proved to be a handful

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Ta Ta, Tylenol: Fight Your Kids’ Colds with Natural, Homeopathic Remedies Instead

Kid got a cold? Ditch the Tylenol in favor of these all-natural, homeopathic remedies


Parenting 101: Questioning How to Be a Better Parent vs. Accepting That You’re One Already

Quit the guilt trip! Stop asking yourself “how can I be a better parent?” and start saying, “I’m going to do my best — and that’s just fine”

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The Return of Aunt Flo: Dealing with Your Period (and PMS) After Having a Baby

PMS certainly doesn’t stand for “pleasant moms syndrome.” Here’s what to expect from your periods after having a baby, and how to ease the pain of premenstrual syndrome


Not to Fear, New Yorkers: Rhinebeck, NY, and Beyond Has Great Schools and Grade-A Education

A NYC reader moves to a chic Dutchess County town — but isn’t sure if the schools for her little one is up to par


Halloween Ideas for Little Kids: Trick-or-Treating Without the Candy

Is Baby too young to trick-or-treat, but still wants to play on Halloween? Here are some ideas


Sleeping When the Baby Sleeps: Mission Impossible (Or Is It?)

A sleep-deprived Mama Greenest tests the Nap Experiment — with some refreshing results


Do Our Kids Watch Too Much TV?

A “green” mom is shocked that her kid can’t get enough of the television. Parenting fail, or inevitable?


Potty Regression: When Potty Training Goes Wrong

Potty regressions are very normal — and frustrating. One parent’s toddler explains it best: “It happens”


Preparing for Another Baby: How Soon to Wait Before Having a Second Child?

How soon to have another kid? A mom of one explores the idea as her friends are already preparing for Baby #2

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One mom's plan to raise a kid — without raising greenhouse gases

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Shannon Gallagher

Shannon Gallagher
Rhinebeck, NY

Dutchess County native Shannon Gallagher is a contributing editor for Hudson Valley Magazine. An erstwhile thrill-seeker, these days she courts disaster of a different variety wrangling a spirited toddler, honing her vegan baking skills, and chasing the ever-elusive work-family balance. She teaches Pilates and does fascial bodywork, and lives in Rhinebeck with Coraline, a cat named Otie, and Sushi the Fish (named, of course, by the toddler).



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