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One mom's plan to raise a kid — without raising greenhouse gases

Time Magazine’s Breastfeeding Cover: Good for Print Image, Bad for Attachment Parenting?

Is Time magazine’s latest cover — featuring a mother breastfeeding her three-year-old son — actually good for the attachment-parenting cause?


Differing Personalities: Understanding Your Spirited, High-Needs Kid

Dealing with a mini introvert when you’re an extrovert (and vice-versa) is a challenge all parents face


When to Get Pregnant and Have Children: Before or After Age 30?

When it comes to having kids, women have a tough decision to make. At what age should they know?


How to Stop a Whining Kid (Without Whining About It)

Mama Greenest tackles the most annoying sound in the universe: the toddler whine

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A Word on Compassionate Living, Animal Cruelty (And Appreciating Plant-Based Diets)

Inspired by a trip to a local farm, Mama Greenest makes a heartfelt plea for living (and eating) “green”

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The War on Sweets: Saying No to Sugar (and Getting Kids to Eat Healthy)

Studies are cropping up all over the place about how horrible added sugars are for you — and your child


Play Date Advice: The Do’s and Dont’s of Parenting When You’re on a Play Date

Mama Greenest shares her tips and tricks for keeping the peace between kids (and other parents) during a play date

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The Busy Lives of Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads: Do Full-Time Parents Have Any Free Time?

It’s easy to assume stay-at-home parents have loads of free time, but a new study proves that’s just not the case


Who’s the Boss? Being the Parent in Control of a Bossy Kid Is Harder Than You Think

You may be the authority figure, but that means little when your kid is the boss!


What to Do When Kids Use Bad Words

What do you do when you let a four-letter word slip — and your toddler happily repeats it?

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Pamela Druckerman’s Bringing up Bébé Book Examines Parenting from a Parisian’s Perspective

An American Mother in Paris thinks the French do it better in her new book, Bringing up Bébé


Preschoolceived Notions: Choosing a Preschool for Your Child Means Getting Realistic

As Baby Green reaches another milestone — preschool — our resident mama scraps preconceived notions for peace of mind


Spring Cleaning: Household Items that Double as (Eco-Friendly) Cleaning Products

Mama Greenest shares her tips for cleaning using common, environmentally friendly household items


Winning at Weaning: We Did It!

Our local mama successfully weans her toddler — and realizes the bond between them is stronger than ever before


Unmarried with Children: Is Staying Together For the Kids Overrated?

One Valley mom ponders the merits of the mantra “love the one you’re with”


Formula 101: The Bad News About Feeding Your Baby Formula

Our guest blogger spills on the real facts about formula


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One mom's plan to raise a kid — without raising greenhouse gases

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Shannon Gallagher

Shannon Gallagher
Rhinebeck, NY

Dutchess County native Shannon Gallagher is a contributing editor for Hudson Valley Magazine. An erstwhile thrill-seeker, these days she courts disaster of a different variety wrangling a spirited toddler, honing her vegan baking skills, and chasing the ever-elusive work-family balance. She teaches Pilates and does fascial bodywork, and lives in Rhinebeck with Coraline, a cat named Otie, and Sushi the Fish (named, of course, by the toddler).



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