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One mom's plan to raise a kid — without raising greenhouse gases

Bad Day, Anyone?

Sometimes it seems like everything is going wrong today. Luckily, babies don’t realize it (or care)!

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The Dry Skin Blues

Mama Greenest reveals a homemade recipe for curing your baby’s dry skin


Dun Dun Dun... Diaper Rash!

Mama Greenest fights her biggest battle yet — the dreaded diaper rash!


Zen Mama Boot Camp

The most surefire way to keep your sanity is to take time for yourself... even if you haven’t exactly figured out how to make it happen in the ever-changing reality that is parenthood.


Trash Talk

Trash your trash: Try these simple ways to cut down your household garbage production (and you’ll save a few bucks in the long run)


No Impact Man

In 2007, a New Yorker talked his wife into living an entirely sustainable lifestyle — no electricity, no shopping, no coffee — for one year. Would you be able to do it?

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Sling Safety

Baby-wearing is safe (and healthy) if done correctly. If you have a sling, wrap, or backpack-style carrier and are unclear as to how to use them safely and effectively, here are some useful how-to videos


Spring Awakening

If just the sight of the bright outdoors isn’t tempting enough to get you and your baby out and about, consider these great warm-weather ideas

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Sophie the Giraffe

A rubber teething toy by the name of Sophie the Giraffe blows the spots off all others


Bean Dip

I think every new mom struggles with how to process the unsolicited advice and opinions of those around her. And when it comes to “alternative” parenting choices, doing things “differently” is subject to a lot of raised eyebrows.


Gal About Town

I don’t know about you mamas, but I’m over this winter! So Coraline and I have been hitting the town in search of new friends, fun, and a little skill building while we’re at it.


Chow Time

Baby Green sure has a lot on her plate! What’s the best way to wean your little one? Check out these options.

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Green as I Wanna Be Challenge 2010

What do you do “green?” Mama Greenest challenges you to do one small green thing every month until June. Can you go green?

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Little Bodies in Motion

Six months is only just a week away, but still my daughter just isn’t into rolling.


Bed Buddies

I believe in co-sleeping... which is not to say that there haven’t been many mornings where I wake up sore and exhausted and ask myself, “Why?”


Baby Steps and Eco-friendly Footprints

When it comes to living green, a small step is always a step in the right direction.


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One mom's plan to raise a kid — without raising greenhouse gases

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Shannon Gallagher

Shannon Gallagher
Rhinebeck, NY

Dutchess County native Shannon Gallagher is a contributing editor for Hudson Valley Magazine. An erstwhile thrill-seeker, these days she courts disaster of a different variety wrangling a spirited toddler, honing her vegan baking skills, and chasing the ever-elusive work-family balance. She teaches Pilates and does fascial bodywork, and lives in Rhinebeck with Coraline, a cat named Otie, and Sushi the Fish (named, of course, by the toddler).



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