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Kids hear the music at this early childhood program

A couple weeks ago I started taking Coraline to Music Together at the Community Music Space in Red Hook. I heard from a couple other mamas at Little Gym that it was just fantastic, an instant hit with even really young babies. Our first class was a little intimidating — the teacher sang everything, even instructions, and Coraline spent the whole 45 minutes trying to reach the rhythm eggs on the table just outside the gate. But by the second week she was participating (at least half the time) and I had most of the songs down (thanks to the CD they provide you with for that purpose).

An early childhood music program taught across the country, Music Together’s curriculum is designed to foster the inherent musicality of every child by exposing them to songs, rhythmic sounds, instruments, and dancing. There is a diverse group of kids (and caregivers) in the class — the youngest is just a few weeks old, the oldest four. While it’s mostly moms, there is a grandma and a nanny and sometimes a dad or two. It’s pretty remarkable how engaged all the kids are the whole time, and all the grown-ups, too. In just a few short weeks Coraline is singing along with some of the songs (those that just repeat a sound like “ba”), and clapping her hands to the beat. She loves it there, and has developed quite the crush on the teacher.

Catskill Mountain Music Together offers four semesters a year, each running for 10 weeks (except summer session which is six). There are classes taught in Red Hook, Kingston, Saugerties, and New Paltz. The new Waddle n’ Swaddle store in Rhinebeck is also hosting an eight-week session for infants under nine months (Oct. 25 through Dec. 2). Check it out!

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