The Vaccination Vexation

Mama Greenest reflects on the sensitive issue of whether to vaccinate her child

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Dear Readers: It was a nice challenge to answer one of your questions this week, and I’d like to do more of it! Email your thoughts or queries to and I’ll answer with a blog post. See below for this week’s question — thanks for reading!

Dear Mama Greenest: “Could you write more about your decision not to immunize? I've been back and forth about this issue and haven't made a decision yet. I'll be having my baby in September. Thanks!” —Jenn

I’ve shied away from writing about vaccinations on this blog because it’s such a hot button issue; I don’t want to offend anyone or end up defending myself. So it’s my hope that my opinions are taken as just that, and not a criticism of anyone who has chosen to vaccinate.

While many would argue that it’s irresponsible not to vaccinate your child, I would argue that our responsibility as parents lies not in blindly doing what we’re told by someone else, but in educating ourselves so that we are equipped to make informed decisions. Whether you decide not to vaccinate, or to do so partially, on a delayed schedule, or by the book (as recommended by the CDP), it should be a decision based on well-rounded research and one that honors your personal beliefs.

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