The Vaccination Vexation

Mama Greenest reflects on the sensitive issue of whether to vaccinate her child

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The main reason why we agreed we wouldn’t vaccinate Coraline now (I say now because it’s an ongoing dialogue) is this: While vaccines inarguably have tremendous public health benefit, they don’t really jive with our beliefs about health and wellness. Since natural immunity is stronger and longer-lasting than that from vaccinations, we prefer that Coraline’s immune system be allowed to build naturally, a process we try to support with all our lifestyle choices.

In The Vaccination Book, Dr. Sears repeatedly says that babies who are breastfed; do not attend daycare; and eat a high-organic, plant-based, whole foods diet should have strong immune systems and be at low risk for contracting infectious diseases; Coraline meets all of these criteria. This idea was echoed in Vaccination: The Issue of Our Times, where a number of doctors stated that the unvaccinated children they saw in their practice — who also met the aforementioned criteria — were generally healthier than the vaccinated children.

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